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Welcome to Notary Aceyour one-stop shop for online courses designed to make you an "A+" Louisiana Notary Public.

  • Save time by learning on your schedule -- study anywhere, anytime. 
  • Utilize online search tools and access instructors for immediate answers to your questions.
  • Choose your most productive times to learn.
  • Classroom size is irrelevent!  You progress at a pace most comfortable to you to maximize retention.
  • Expert instructors guide you through up-to-date courses compliant with our Louisiana Civil Code.  
  • Save money with NO fuel costs, NO special dress, NO supplies and NO additional book fees. 
  • Success begins with quality instruction using proven effective techniques at affordable rates and that means Notary Ace.

Once you've taken the first NOTARY ACE course, 

you'll never want to set foot in a classroom again!

 How Does it Work?

1. Register on the site.  You will receive an email confirming your registration and sign-on information.  You will also receive our free "10 things every Notary should know!" 

2. Log-on to Notary Ace, complete your registration.  

3. To access all classes, you must be a member of Notary Ace. The annual membership fee is $25, by Credit card or PayPal on a secure payment site. 

4.  Sign up for any course, once again on a secure payment site. You receive a confirmation receipt by email immediately of your purchase and mode of payment.

4. Once you have made your sellection, just "Attend Class". 

With your membership, any course will be reduced by $25.00, no matter how many courses you choose to take.      Select MEMBERSHIP for more added advantages. (Discounted courses exempted)


 Will your course teach me what I need to know?

All of our courses are designed with you, the student in mind.

We all come from different backgrounds, and many of us with "life knowledge"!   We also learn in different ways, some visual, some auditory, and generally a combination of several.  Classes accommodate those who do not know the "legal" terminology, and progress using various teaching techniques, each class building upon the previous, to provide a good basis for a thorough learning of the topics.

Here's what Stephanie P. wrote us "I can really see how this method is working for me.  I've been to two other classes at the local college and neither was this effective in teaching the Scenario portion.  Thanks again!"  We'd like to help you too!

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 What Does My Course Fee Include?

 Each course fee includes

  1. On-line access to the selected course for the specified number of course hours extended an additional 6 to 10 hours for students who desire a more leisurely schedule, with ample time for reviews.
  2. An extensive glossary of terms, and powerful search tools that make "looking up" information a snap.
  3. Proven, Innovative teaching techniques utilizing diagrams and visuals that increase understanting of the concepts, with real-live examples of the topics.
  4. A review of forms, Forms, FORMS!...and in many courses, downloadable forms.
  5. Access to your special instructor via email, for those difficult questions. 

Each course is designed for different students with different needs.  There are however, certain standards each course must meet to be on the

Notary Ace Line UP! 

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For our Students: 

Wanting help with those tough questions on the Notary Exam.  We understand it's a most extensive and difficult exam.  Our instructor has taken the exam and understands the challenge facing you.  

Master the Scenario's is designed for the examinee who needs additional help with the challenging "critical thinking" questions and selecting the correct forms to accommodate the scenaros.

1001 Questions, will enhance your chapter studies.  A perfect companion to the La. Study Guide for your exam.  With this many questions, we're certain to hit those you'll be asked on your exam.  

 For our Professional Notaries:

You've got your commission!  But now what?  We've got Practical Tools for the Notary which will help you get started in your business as Notary Public on the right foot.   And our New Notary Workshop, designed for the new or mobile notary, to get you "technical" and proficient in your business.  A double-header that's hard to beat!

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